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آذر ۱۰

Book as a Free Gift

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Book as a Free Gift


This plan was first executed by Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications on Sep.2011 and it was held in 8 rounds to the present time (2014).the aim of this plan is to spread the book and book reading culture in society.


۱-first step: on this step writers and publishers sell their books to Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications by 50% discount.

۲-second step: people with good will buy books by 50% discount and give them back to the publication.

۳-Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications presents the books for free among its other books in book shops and other book selling centers,people,after reading will leave the books in public places such as schools,mosques,libraries,bus stations and…and therefore others will also can read the books as well.


The 5th person who reads the same book after announcing the names of previous readers (if so) will own the book.


-We don’t give books for free.

-We don’t want to imprison the books into library shelves.

-These books are meant only to be read.

-There is no need to cut the trees to read the books.

-There is no need to harm the environment.

-Remember that many persons can read a good worthy book.

Address:unit 5 – No.1 – Ramsar St. – Enghelab St. – Tehran

Tel: 021 – ۸۸۳۱۷۸۳۲

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