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آذر ۱۰

Book as a Free Gift

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Book as a Free Gift


This plan was first executed by Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications on Sep.2011 and it was held in 8 rounds to the present time (2014).the aim of this plan is to spread the book and book reading culture in society.


۱-first step: on this step writers and publishers sell their books to Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications by 50% discount.

۲-second step: people with good will buy books by 50% discount and give them back to the publication.

۳-Hezarehe Ghoghnoos Publications presents the books for free among its other books in book shops and other book selling centers,people,after reading will leave the books in public places such as schools,mosques,libraries,bus stations and…and therefore others will also can read the books as well.


The 5th person who reads the same book after announcing the names of previous readers (if so) will own the book.


-We don’t give books for free.

-We don’t want to imprison the books into library shelves.

-These books are meant only to be read.

-There is no need to cut the trees to read the books.

-There is no need to harm the environment.

-Remember that many persons can read a good worthy book.

Address:unit 5 – No.1 – Ramsar St. – Enghelab St. – Tehran

Tel: 021 – ۸۸۳۱۷۸۳۲

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مرداد ۲۰

Sociology of Ashoura Distortions

en-news دیدگاه‌ها غیرفعال

Parallel with the anniversary of the 40th day of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom, Sociology of Ashoura Deviations by Abdolmajid Ziaei will be assessed, announced head of Hezareh Phoenix publication center.

IBNA: In Islam, most of the religious distortions are attributed to the Ashoura event due to its attraction to all social strata, said Reza Hajiabadi, in an interview with IBNA.

He said the book considers deviations of Ashoura narrations from its origin and fathoms their roots out sociologically.

The book also introduces weak as well as credited works on the event of Ashura where Imam Hussein and his companions were slain by Yazid ibn-Moaviyeh corps.

Accordingly, an assessment session will be held on Wednesday, January 12, 2012 at Avicenna Auditorium in the presence of the book’s writer and Abolghasem Husseinjani, author of the Geography of Secrets.

The 4th print-run of the book will be marketed in the near future, he added

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مرداد ۲۰

Book of Resistance 2011

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Book of Resistance 2011

Select works of 2nd Resistance Short Story Festival

ibna: Reading a page of a book out of thousands and millions of pages is, for us, like looking through a window on brighter side of the world that is constantly calling us, tempting us to set on a journey with the frigate of a book for more and more adventures.

Guilt of the Innocent

He had stepped on a mine and did not know what to do.
This was the first time he had trodden on a mine! So inexperienced he was!

Even his best friend Mehdi, who was standing by his side and often took a load of pride in his knowledge and education, did not know what he could do to free him.

Cold sweat ran all over his skin. He was thinking to himself what a bad deed had deserved him for such a big punishment. He had never broken one’s heart, never swindles or done harm to others, and did not remember if he ever teased someone much – even his parents.

He had never dreamt of money or kingly power.
His only guilt was his childhood, and being a child he had run after a little patchwork ball that had by chance landed by an upswept mine.

Book of Resistance 90 | Page 38

Publisher: Safire Ardehal & Hezareh Qoqnoos
Release Date: First print – ۲۰۱۲
Genre: Fiction
Category: Holy Defense Literature
۶۴ pages

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مرداد ۲۰

۳rd Festival of short resistance story kicks of

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Manager of Hezareh Qoqnoos publications said that the 3rd private Festival of short resistance story has launched. The festival is held by the publications of Hezareh Qoqnoos and Safir Ardehal

IBNA: Reza Haji-abadi said: “A total of 250 and 500 works were respectively submitted to the 1st and 2nd editions. During the 2nd festival 15 authors were selected and the festivals’ works were released as books.”

He added: “The executive secretary of the 3rd private Festival of short resistance story is Javad Mohaghegh and Javad Jozeini is its scientific secretary. The books will be evaluated by Mostafa Alizadeh, Nazanin Jodat and me.”

The festival will be held in order to identify and introduce new talents in the field of resistance literature, production of resistance literature in virtual spaces, publication of selected works as books and praising the emerging authors of resistance literature, he added.

The festival will be themed on “۸ years of resistance against foreign aggression” and the participants should send their works as Flash fictions.

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مرداد ۲۰

Entitled “89 resistance book”, the 3rd volume of the series of selected stories of the 1st Festival of Short Resistance Story will be released by Safir Ardehal. The festival’s top short stories will be released in the 3rd volume


iBNA: 19 of the best short stories which gained more than 80 points by the festival’s juries will be printed in the 3rd volume.

Previously the collection’s first book included the festival’s short short stories while the 2nd volume was house to the selected short stories of the 1st Festival of short resistance story. The works were released by Hezareh Qoqnoos.

The closing ceremony of the 1st Festival of Short Resistance Story was held in autumn concurrent with the Sacred Defense week in Iran. It was held in sections including Short story, Flash stories and Short short stories.

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مرداد ۲۰

A collection of Paruyr Sevak poems in Iran

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“An ordinary miracle” a poetry collection by contemporary Armenian poet, Paruyr Sevak has been rendered into Persian and will be released in Iran. Paruyr Sevak works have been converted into Persian for the first time


IBNA: “An ordinary miracle” has been converted into Persian by Azad Matian and Shapour Ali nejhad and it is to be published by Hezareh Qoqnoos.

The book holds 20 poems of Paruyr Sevak which have been collected form 3 different poetry collections. “An ordinary miracle” is the first work of the poet which has been rendered into Persian.

Paruyr Rafaeli Ghazaryan (January 26, 1924 – June 17, 1971) was an Armenian poet. He is considered one of the greatest Armenian poets of the twentieth century.

Sevak was born in Chanakhchi (now Zangakatun) village, Soviet Armenia to Rafael and Anahit Soghomonyan. He studied at Yerevan State University and Moscow’s Gorky Institute of Literature. A doctor of philology, Sevak was one of the senior researchers of the Manuk Abeghyan Yerevan Institute of Literature.

Sevak died on June 17, 1971 in a car crash while on a drive back to Yerevan. In previous years, he had voiced his criticism of the corruption of the Soviet establishment and for this, many Armenians believe, he was murdered by the Soviet KGB. His wife, Nelly Menagharishvili, also died in the car crash. He was buried in the backyard of his home, in Zangakatun, which later became a museum.

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مرداد ۲۰

“Sacred Defense writers are cultural commanders

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“The war’s destiny was formed as civilians entered it and the Sacred Defense culture will remain in their hands,” said headquarters secretary of the first Resistance Short Story Festival.

IBNA: “Today, we are in need of cultural commanders and Sacred Defense writers are such commanders,” added Reza Hajiabadi in an interview with IBNA.

He said the festival is arranged jointly by Hezareh Ghoghnous, Safir Ardahal and Naghsh Pouya publications.

The closing ceremony of the festival was held on September 29 parallel with the Sacred Defense week in the presence of Hojataleslam Meisam Amroudi, cultural advisor of Tehran’s mayor, and a number of emerging Sacred Defense writers at Arasbaran Culture Center.

At the beginning of his speech, Hajiabadi revered the memories of the war worriers and stated that the festival was the first private festival held in its own kind in the country.

He went on to say that the event was arranged by the founding board of Sacred Defense publishers’ community and a group of private publishers.

“The destiny of the war was formed as civilians entered the war and the Sacred Defense culture will remain in their hands,” he asserted.

He expressed hope that the further editions of the festival be held better.

Ghoghnous will publish the select works of the festival in the form of a book.

After Hajiabadi, Mohammad Javad Jazini, secretary of the festival, delivered a speech in which he said “wars are mingled with hardship and difficulty and writers reach the deepest parts of the wars to reflect the human conditions.”

“war fiction literature is usually scribed in two parts: the beginning and end of the war and the war aftermath,” he added.

As he said, the stories which focus on the war as it goes on are referred to as promotional stories and are meant to excite readers to partake in the strikes. On the other hand, he added, the analytic part of the literature is the part which concerns the events and happenings prior to the war. This is the more interesting and important part of the literature.

Compiler of Khoramshahr Bibliography assessed the present Sacred Defense story writing condition in Iran and posited that Iran’s literature has been negligent to the analysis of human conditions of the war due to different reasons.

“Pure Sacred Defense literature should be created by the people,” he insisted, “among the screened works, there are stories which provide a good description of the human conditions of the war.”

The panel of judges of the festival announced that of the 267 submitted works to the secretariat of the festival, 35 works made it to the second round of assessments.

At the end of the ceremony the winners of the festival’s award were announced.

One of the winners was IBNA’s public relations manager Yaser Samavat for his work In the Name of the Son

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